Why Entrepreneurs Need To Flex Their Creative Clout.

Creative thinking is the driving force of future business and as an entrepreneur, undervaluing creativity is simply not an option. Habit’s first in a series of articles exploring the importance of creativity for entrepreneurs, will unravel the link between creative thinking and start up success. We will go on examine key traits of successful creative entrepreneurs, how to think creative and vital complimentary skills. Take note. A creative tool kit is an enviable commodity, arming you with the cunning to take calculated risks, see potential in the unthinkable and stay ahead of the competition.

Why should entrepreneurs value creativity? Here’s the skinny.

Creativity strengthens your divergent thinking skills, maximising your ability to tackle problems from numerous angles to find the best solution

Allowing your team to be creative unlocks invaluable insight across the board, from improving previously unquestioned processes to maximising productivity

A wild mind will inevitably bear wild fruit. Looking beyond traditional solution and refusing to conform to the norm allows entrepreneurs to identify novel pathways, while constantly assessing their viability 

Creative thinkers are inherently agile in their approach to business. As calculated risk taking is second nature, they will be the first to seize opportunities, set trends and ultimately capture market share ahead of the herd

Creativity enables entrepreneurs to spot patterns and integrate or adapt aspects of seemingly unrelated disciplines into their own business. The collision of different sectors can lead to surprising, innovative niches and solutions. It took experts from two disconnected fields, nephrology and football, to launch Gatorade, bringing a completely new category of sports drink to consumers

Our next piece, will unpick how successful entrepreneurs harness creative thinking for maximum impact. Stay tuned. Stay creative.