Play. Your brain will thank you.

As we get older, we increasingly underestimate the value of play, turning our backs on seemingly purposeless activities as the duties of adulthood take precedence. An explorative attitude is crushed by the heated commute. Genuine curiosity is lost as we scramble up the ladder. Fun is pushed aside by endless to do lists.

Growing up sucks.

Dr. Stuart Brown, neuroscientist and founder of California’s National Institute for Play, advocates that taking time out to play can in fact offer a competitive advantage. His research shows that as adults, play creates rich, new neural connections that fire together in new ways building more creative, productive and innovative minds. This in turn creates more creative, productive and innovative people and societies.

On the flip side, Baylor College of Medicine reported that those deprived of play as children develop brains 30% smaller than your average pile of gray matter. No amount of protein shakes can get you out of that one.


In the UK, The School of Play is taking the lead in helping our cerebellums be even more awesome through lifelong play.

Portia Tung, dynamo Play Coach and the rocket fuel behind the organisation, is hosting Night At The Curiosity Carousel next Tuesday 20 September at London’s Drink, Shop & Do. Join her for a mini play adventure and delve into the science behind play, explore your frivolous side and flex creative through a mix of activities, crafts and art. Let the games begin.

Night At The Curiosity Carousel

Tuesday 20th September, 19:00 – 21:30

Drink, Shop & Do

9 Caledonian Road

London N1 9DX

Tickets available here.

Find out more about The School of Play here.

Flick Hardingham