Supercharge Your People Power

A one-off project or ongoing employee experience consultancy.






Your people are packed with potential and inspired, engaged employees are key to business success. Organisations boasting top levels of employee engagement report 22% higher productivity, 65% greater retention and 4 times greater financial success, and that’s just for starters.

But engagement is more than happiness. It is the instinctive connection and passion an employee has for their company’s vision and culture, which translates to shared goals, self-motivated accountability and stellar performance.

Our consultancy will help your organisation develop sustainable, relevant and inspiring processes and behaviour to supercharge your people power. 


Leaders, HR, talent and change teams who understand that people power is the key to their success. 




There’s no one-size-fits all. At Habit, we use Design Thinking (a seriously smart innovation framework that keeps the user front-of-mind) to help companies identify the distinct values, intrinsic motivators and challenges of their workforce and create simple solutions to inspire action. As business gets increasingly complicated, Design Thinking has been cited as a vital tool to develop solutions that drive engagement, boost performance and help employees manage the complexity. In fact, companies where HR reports the highest level of value (like ANZ, General Electric and Ford Motors) are five times more likely to be using Design Thinking. 



We're working with a forward-thinking NHS General Practice to ditch traditional hierarchy for a new model of collective leadership and have already seen a big increase in staff engagement scores, transparency and retention. Plus, we’ve saved the practice a whopping 960 hours of management time and £67,200 a year - that’s the equivalent of three salaries! Find out more in our recent article for Employee Experience Magazine. 


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