Creativity is the precursor to innovation and a lateral mindset is essential to compete in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. Creativity is the new economy.

Luckily, the ability to forge original ideas with concrete value and flip them into reality is not the gift of a select few. There is no mystical muse or magic crystal. Creativity is simply a muscle that needs to be trained.

How To Be [More] Creative is for anyone serious about honing an open, curious and creative mindset to thrive in the creative economy. Together, we will:

√ Delve into the science behind creativity and demystify the creative process

√ Identify blockers and boost your creative confidence

√  Learn practical hacks to develop a creative and growth mindset at both work and play

√ Explore tools to generate awesome ideas and put them to the test in a group challenge

√ Bend, stretch and flex your creative clout, so you don’t get replaced by robots

This course is suitable for all levels of perceived creativity and can be run as a whole day, half day or 90 minute energiser in-house or at a creative venue in central London.

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