"Brainstorm. Two minutes."

Cue eye roll.

You're already juggling five briefs and your desk is groaning under the weight of your to do list. Your cerebellum is pretty awesome, but plucking ideas from thin air can be tricky.

This interactive workshop will supercharge the number and quality of your ideas and help you pick the cream of the crop. Working in small groups, armed with a creative tool kit and our giant trunk of Lego, your team will learn practical skills and flex their creative clout in a live challenge.

√ Delve in to the science behind lateral thinking

√ Discover strategies and frameworks to generate, develop and assess creative ideas

√ Think more broadly, dynamically and creativity, together and individually

√ Strengthen ties, allowing your team to think, act and innovate more cohesively

√ Learn how to run idea sessions with maximum engagement and quality output

How To Have Ideas can be run as a whole day, half day or 90 minute workshop in-house or at a creative venue in central London.

Got a specific brief in mind? We’ll tailor the session to generate and develop ideas geared towards whatever you’re working on.

See how we did it with consumer finance provider NewDay and Escape The City.

“Don't just flex your idea muscle, pump it. The ideas waterfall was a real highlight, helping Tribe members realise that ideas can be easy and many.” Ben Keene, Escape The City Tribe Leader.

“The idea generation workshop was really illuminating - thought it was great to put some process around something that otherwise feels very mysterious and mythical." Escape The City Start-Up Tribe member.

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