A one-off or series of interactive leadership training sessions. 






The world of work is changing. Fast. Almost half the global workforce could be replaced by current technology, 50% of employees will be working remotely by 2020 and everyone’s going digital.

The new world of work needs a new kind of leader.

High emotional intelligence, continuous learning and an innovation toolkit are just some of the key competencies leaders must adopt. Those that do, are 88% more likely to boost productivity and 85% more likely to be financially successful.

This action-orientated programme will arm leaders with the process, behaviour and mindset to build united teams ready to thrive in the complexity. 

√ Learn the five key competencies of future leaders and how to put them into practice with your team.

√ Explore key trends, the business case for innovation and a practical toolkit to develop impactful ideas across all areas of the business.

√ Understand how to develop a nimble, growth mindset, helping you navigate change and think more dynamically both individually and as a team.





A one-off or series of highly interactive and action-orientated workshops plus a practical toolkit to drive impact back at the office. 


We transformed 50 + high potentials into inspiring, effective and innovative leaders at Deliveroo, one of the UK's fastest growing tech start-ups. 


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