A one hour kick-starter or whole day immersive live challenge to unleash your people power. 



When everything around us is in flux, it is essential to unlock your organisation’s creative potential and build resilient connections.

Radical Collaboration will supercharge engagement, reinforce connection to your company’s purpose and arm your people with the tools to navigate the complexity. Run as a one hour kick-starter or whole day immersive live challenge, this workshop will add inspiration and energy to conferences, away days, change programmes and beyond. 


Leaders, away day coordinators, HR, change makers and anyone ready to drive radical collaboration. You understand that connection, inspiration and motivation is not all about process. It’s about people. 

√ Master radical collaboration, active communication and a creative toolkit to take back to the office.

√ Develop a nimble, growth mindset, helping everyone navigate change and think more dynamically.

√ Connect, motivate, inspire and strengthen the connection to your company’s purpose. 




We love learning in action and science agrees it’s the most effective way of transferring knowledge. Radical Collaboration is a live, interactive challenge allowing participants to learn new skills on the spot and leave inspired to take action back at their desks. 


An action-packed, collaborative challenge to strengthen scrum ties and build excitement around an Agile digital transformation. Find out more here.


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