A Big Four: Agile Metaphors


A team of passionate Agile advocates and coaches at one of the Big Four British clearing banks.


Organisational change is a tricky beast - especially when attempting to shift perception and ways of working at a global corporation with infinite moving parts and points-of-view. The lead change agent heading up the move to Agile software development, needed to spark the imagination of colleagues to adopt new tools and processes that would ultimately boost productivity, cross-functional collaboration and innovation. An inventive metaphor was the missing link to help explain the complex Agile digital transformation programme.



√ An action-packed session resulted in a meaty metaphor that would simply and effectively tell the story of Agile and highlight the benefits of change.

√ "Flick's an excellent facilitator. She's friendly, fun and encouraging and put everyone at ease so we could come up with the best possible ideas together. Everyone left the workshop feeling inspired and energised to use our newfound collective metaphor to bring our change programme to life." Executive and Business Agile Coach

Flick Hardingham