NHS General practice


Inspired by the emergence of Teal corporate structures explored in Frederick Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations and Robertson’s Holacracy, Jubilee Street Practice [a forward-thinking GP practice in East London] asked us to help adopt a new way of working truly aligned with their purpose and values. 

√ Self-management: autonomous teams replace traditional hierarchy 

√ Evolutionary purpose: driven towards a positive impact on the world and customers

√ Wholeness: inviting employees to bring their whole selves to work



  • Staff survey reveals stress, happiness and transparency could improve
  • Partners sign declaration committing to the change
  • Whole practice workshop to co-create evolutionary purpose and vision statements


  • Creation of a giant, new organisational structure defined by 40+ Circles, giving everyone an equal voice 
  • Launch of five, completely self-managed, pilot Circles to test new ways of working and decision making without hierarchy


  • Co-creation of Circles’ Constitution
  • Individual and group coaching
  • 40+ active Circles draft a Charter outlining their purpose, scope and individual responsibilities
  • The transformation is in full swing. Now we need to maintain momentum and support everyone through the transition…


√ United front

√ Staff engaged and empowered to get things done at all levels

√ Increased transparency and understanding of each other’s roles, interests and values

√ Improved ability to spot gaps

Flick Hardingham