A new team is forming, intent on creating the next generation of serviced living for Millennials and champions of the experience economy. We were called in to unlock creative thinking, drive collaboration, build resilient connections and boost transparency.


√ Understand what each team member hopes to bring and gain from being a part of this exciting launch

√ Examine the science behind and business value of creative thinking and innovation

√ Explore the five fundamental habits essential to drive innovation


"Flick ran a fantastic session. Our team had planned a two-day strategy workshop and employed Flick to kick things off with some team building and unlocking innovation. 

Through a series of interactive exercises, Flick helped the team get to know each other better and understand everyone’s motivations, backgrounds, skills and commitments to the company. This was especially useful as we are currently a remote-working team, many of whom were meeting face-to-face for the first time at this session. 

We then had a crash course in innovation, showing us the ways we can invite more creativity into our work and daily thinking. We also learnt several problem-solving and brainstorming frameworks as a team that I’m sure we’ll be using again in the future! As an early stage start-up, we were focussed on our target audience and company values, which Flick also helped us explore.

We all very much enjoyed the session - Flick was professional, insightful and enthusiastic, and definitely knows her stuff. For anyone looking to unlock more creativity or drive positive change in their workplace, definitely give her a call!"

Grace Waters, Core Team Member

Flick Hardingham