10 young people aged 16-24 launching their own social enterprise, in association with The Hive and Catch22, the not-for-profit delivering education, apprenticeship and employability programmes to local London communities.


The group were pumped about launching art, music and graffiti tours of Camden to London tourists, but the company name was a real sticking point. Habit jumped in to help narrow down their target market, identify the brand’s key signals and pick a name.


Through serious games, we worked collaboratively to brainstorm different words associated with the company’s mission. Then, we flipped, bent and switched the words around, playing with synonyms, metaphors and antonyms until we landed on a name and logo.


√ Brand name, logo and tag line defined

√ 10 young people demonstrated some serious creative clout and entrepreneurial spirit. Hats off

√ “I've seen Habit work with other companies and run creative workshops, so know when it comes to thinking outside the box and helping solve problems they're absolutely brilliant. This is why I decided to engage Flick in naming the young person’s social enterprise I've been tasked to build for Catch22. The group all come from different backgrounds and have varying mental and physical capabilities. I really have to give so much credit to Flick for being able to engage with each one and extract their creative potential through her warm, open and witty style. It's one thing being a creative person and another being able to deal with different people so brilliantly. I'm seriously impressed and would love to work with her again.” Armin Ghojehvand, Catch22, Social Enterprise Manager

Flick Hardingham