Escape The City: Business Idea Generation


54 budding entrepreneurs in Escape The City's Start-Up Tribe.


The Start-Up Tribe is a learning-by-doing community, arming aspiring founders with a powerful toolkit, network and mind set to identify and execute new business opportunities.

We were brought in to host the ideation session, flexing the Tribe’s creative clout to generate and develop viable business ideas targeted at specific customer groups, aligned to their personal motivations, strengths and curiosities.


√ Over 100 business ideas formed and developed

√ Each entrepreneur left with a framework on how to generate ideas and tools to unlock innovation


√ "The idea generation workshop was really illuminating - thought it was great to put some process around something that otherwise feels very mysterious and mythical." Start-Up Tribe member

√  “Don't just flex your idea muscle, pump it. The ideas waterfall was a real highlight, helping Tribe members realise that ideas can be easy and many.” Ben Keene, Escape The City Tribe Leader

√ “The Idea Generation week was an eye opener for me. I learned some very useful techniques to generate ideas.”  Start-Up Tribe member

Flick Hardingham